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color toner dust for Xerox Docucolor 240/242/250/252/252/260/WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675/7755/7765/7775 toner powder-free shipping

color toner dust for Xerox Docucolor 240/242/250/252/252/260/WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675/7755/7765/7775 toner powder-free shipping

1.printer:for Xerox DocuColor 240/DocuColor 242/DocuColor 250/DocuColor 252/DocuColor 252/DocuColor 260/WorkCentre 7655/WorkCentre 7665/WorkCentre 7675/WorkCentre 7755/WorkCentre 7765/WorkCentre 7775 powder toner powder
2.cartridge:toner powder   for Xerox 006R01403 /6R1403/006R01219/6R1219/006R01449/6R1449/006R90362/6R9362/006R01404 /6R1404/006R01222/6R1222/006R01226/6R1226/006R01452/6R1452/006R90365/6R9365/006R01405 /6R1405/006R01221/6R1221/006R01225/6R1225/006R01451/6R1451/006R90364/6R9364
 006R01406 /6R1406/006R01220/6R1220/006R01224/6R1224/006R01450/6R1450/006R90363/6R9363/006R90365 powder CMY-34K

4.color:Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow powders  for compatible new toner cartridge

5.Packing:BK-580Grams/bottle CMY-580Grams/bottle with developer dust 
(neautral packing )

6.the photo is only for refence.

Chip modelPrinter modelAreaDrum unit numberColorYield
NPC-DC 240for Xerox DocuColor 240/242/250/252/260/WorkCentre7655/7675EXP006R01219BLACK30K
for Xerox DocuColor 240/242/250/252/260/WorkCentre7655/7675Western Europe006R01449BLACK30K
for Xerox DocuColor 240/242/250/252/260/WorkCentre7655/7675Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa006R90362BLACK30K


Fuser Firmness


1.5 star

2.Delivery with testing page.

3.We guarantee the good quality, and agree 1: 1 replace for the defective goods 

testingThrough strict test and QC before delivery; Toner Used/Page (g/page)0.03-0.035
Blackness1.6. (OEM 1.4)printing performance

1.Even granule, good fluidity, high ratio of transfer

2.Vivid color, clear image, excellent printing effect;

Background<0.01Product range15 brands, 2000 style goods
Temperature(-20°C/-4°F to 40°C/104°F)Package

A:Bottle(weight:70g/Bottle;According to the OEM standard or the requirement of client)

B:Aluminium foil bag (1/5/10KGs for one bag)

Neutral Packing:
1)Plastic bag for toner powder(bulk packing-10kg per bag and 2bags each carton)
2)Aluminum foil bag and bottle for toner powder in different size
     Regarding bottles,we can design according to customer's requirement,such as shape and color.
3)paper cartons and fiber drums as outer packing

Appearance Black micro-powder, without any agglomeration  Charged quantity  6 - 30uc/g
 Toner Consumption 0.03g-0.04g  @5% Water content<1%
 Image density (Blackness) >1.4 Resolution (600dpi) >4
 Raw Material Import from Japan
Import from South Korea
Import from Germany
Import from U.S.A
 Certification ISO9001:2008, SGS,MSDS,ISO14001 
 Warranty Two years Granule diamerter 7-10μm
 Black Density 1.40-1.50 Fusing >95%
 Waster powder rate <5% Page yield 
 Dirty rate <0.01 Level  >4

NPC toner powder quality


Printing Testing:



Backgroundness and grayness printing test.jpg


Product details


1) High density image,less dirty and clear


2) Strong stability and fixation, lower waste powder


3) Smart and fluent printing performance


4) Preferential price; fast delivery; perfect service





Image density


Dirty rate




Page yield 


Waste powder rate



Quality testing:

 a) Background: <0.08
 b) Solid area density: >1.40
 c) Resolution index (inches): >0.0176
 d) Ghosting: N/A 
 e) Text haze: N/A   

F)waste powder is less than 6%

Quality Performance :0.4% difference acceptable comparing with the genuine model .(0.5% grey, 0.5%black%)


Remarks :

Features,Testing and Guarantee:

1. In order to guarantee the quality of our goods, all of them are finished under the air-condition and no UV light environment.

2. A full set of constant temperature and humidity testing equipment system. You are able to complete various temperature tests and experiments from -20degree to 160degree under various humidity.

3. In order to obtain a satisfied performance to product, not only can we supply the regular darkness testing, but also provide noise testing.

4. Torsional moment test is key to guarantee the product not damage the print , the smaller torsional moment, the more stable running of toner cartridge.

5. With a view to finalize the 100% testing on production line, we purchased the print which can test almost 1000 different models of toner cartridge for Quality assurance

6. Our products have been exported to southeast of Asia, Europe, Australia, USA, Middle East, Common wealth of independent states, Africa

7.All the toner powder are conducted one by one in vacuum leaking testing machines to ensure no leaking during the shippment
8.Blackness, sharpness of printing effect can meet or exceed OEM ones
9. Strict quality control during production and 100% print test rate before shipping

10. Persistent pursuit of perfect quality, we own great powder in cartridge mould development and toner development, we develop the mostly popular low speed machine toner, and we contribute to develop high speed machine toner;

 Product Warranty:

These are new compatible toner. They are strict implementation of the ISO-9001/2008 and ISO14001/2004 standard,Before leaving the factory, they go through following professional test:
 1. Mechanical test
    2. Environment protection test
   3. Duration test
  4. Difficult conditions test 
  5. Water resistant test 
  6. Printing quality test




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3)NPC's Qualtiy Warranty and Qualtiy Guarantee

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